Chindwin Division

The Divisional Office Of Chindwin Division  in Monywa


The Location of Chindwin Division , operation area , vessel employed , and its functions are mentioned below:-

(1) Location Divisional office in the Strand Road, Yonegyi Ward , Monywa, Sagaing Division
(2) Function Area The routes from Monywa to Hkamti, along the Chindwin River, totaling 1055 miles in length.
(3) vessels employed 20 powered vessels, 8 non powered vessels and 1 station pontoon
(4) Functions The Chindwin Division has been managing its functions with 6 Township Manager offices in rendering services on passenger and cargo transport by means of 3 express routes.


The Dawn Scene of Monywa Port.

Monywa Jetty

The vessels  for the trip at the port of Monywa.