Department of Administration

The Administration Department is implementing the functions regarding overall management works to supervise the whole organization under the guidance of Managing Director and General Manager .The main functions are as follows:-

 •  Reporting of daily,weekly,monthly ,quarterly and yearly reports of performance achieved by IWT  to  the Ministry of Transport  and other higher authorities concerned and other special reports of performance occasionally to the Ministry of transport .
 •   Personnel works relating to appointment,removal,retirement of officials , reports of manpower statistics of the whole organization, various trainings for local and abroad.
 •  Maintenance of Network, programming, and trainings for computer operation related
 •  to the E-government works of IWT and implementation of computerized statistics management.
 •  Procurement and distribution of fuel, stores, equipment, stationery, tickets, linen and other stores for the whole organization.
 •  Procurement, clearance and distribution of imported equipment from foreign countries.
 •  Maintenance of motor vehicles
 •   Supervision and implementation of civil engineering.
 •  Medical care for staff and workers of headquarters and dockyards

The following divisions under the Administration Department are responsible to carry out  all functions mentioned above. .

(1) Administration Division

    (a). Admin

    (b). Civil engineering

    (c). Medical

(2) Supply Division